LCD TV Repair

Are you looking for a dependable company that can render excellent LCD TV repairing services in Dubai? If yes, then you have come to the right place. At MIE Repair, we are offering the best services for LCD repair requirements in Dubai (U.A.E.). So, if your LCD is not working properly, flickering, or is completely dead, then you should directly contact us. Backed by a team of meticulous technicians, we can repair any type of LCD TV set irrespective of its brand. Our technicians have gained industry expertise as they are repairing TV sets since a long time. All you need to do is visit our shop located in Satwa (Dubai, U.A.E.) with your TV set and explains the problem to our technician. We assure that we will give you your TV set in a new shape within the specified timeframe.
Backed by a large workshop equipped with the latest machinery and tools, we are offering efficient repair services for different types of LCD TV.

LED TV Repair

Are you searching for a reliable provider of TV repair service in Dubai? If yes, then you have come to the right place. At MIE Repair, we are offering dependable LED TV repair services to the clients across Dubai. Owing to our years of experience in this domain, we can easily diagnose the problem that may have arisen in your LED TV. Using our expertise, we can end the problem within a specified time limit. We strive to render services that can meet our clients’ specifications and satisfy them completely. Moreover, our team of dedicated professionals maintains long-term relationships with our valuable clients in order to understand their requirements accurately. So, whether your TV stops working or there is a sound issue, our technicians can solve all problems promptly.
Backed by a fully equipped workshop, we repair LED TVs by using high-tech tools and machines. Our technicians make use of the latest software to diagnose the problem of your LED and come up with the best solutions. Moreover, you can contact us for getting LED repair services for any brand.

Plasma Tv Repair

Mechanics is one of the most sought-after names for getting exceptional repair services for different types of Plasma TVs. Backed by specialists and qualified technicians, we are offering the best Plasma TV repair services in the repairing industry. Owing to our industry expertise, our technicians can handle different types of plasma sets. Moreover, we offer timely services at cost-effective prices. We ensure that the TV sets are delivered to the client after repair within the specified timeframe. Whether your plasma screens are flickering or your screens are completely dead, our technicians can repair any type of problem that may arise in your plasma screens. We have a well-equipped workshop, where we conduct the repair work. Also, we make use of only the latest digital software that helps us in diagnosing the problem quickly. Our services are available for different types of plasma models. Therefore, contact us for getting the best TV repair services in Dubai.

OLED Tv Repair

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with new technology as it happens and are now fully trained service specialists in the full range of the new 3D products. LED TV Repair Dubai technicians have been fully trained by the manufacturers to ensure you receive the best service without the delay in learning a new product.

A little bit about the technology
OLEDs are made by placing thin films of organic (carbon based) materials between two conductors. When electrical current is applied, a bright light is emitted. The OLED materials emit light and do not require a backlight (unlike LCDs). Each pixel is a small light-emitting diode, in fact. OLED TV panels offers several advantages over LCDs

We provide these services in oled tv reparing:

  • LED Monitors Repairing
  • TV Monitors
  • Projectors
  • LED Minibeam Projectors
  • bag screen lCD LED Repair
  • electronic repair